$100 Per Look

This is the standard package I offer.. What constitutes a look? Its one outfit change. So if you have 3 outfits you want to shoot in.. it would be $300. 

Rates subject to change without prior notice. Custom rates/packages available.

Retouching  - $10 Per Image


- You and/or we decide on location(s) and a day/time for the shoot

- We can meet at said location or carpool - whatever is easier (I live in Venice)

- We find the right spot and begin shooting.. we shoot full body, half body, detail and walking shots

- Change outfit/repeat

- After the shoot, I go home and upload ALL totally unedited shots to an easy to use online gallery system and send you the link.. you make your selections, then I edit them and send them back in whatever size you need and you post!


When do I get my pictures?

Usually I will post all the unedited photos the same day we shoot, so you can start making your selects right away!

How many pictures can I choose?

At the moment I am not setting a strict limit.. However, the fewer photos you chose, the more time I can spend editing and perfecting them. If you pick 5/6 photos, I will be able to spend more time on each image... if you pick 15/16 images, I will spend much less time on each image. Personally I think its better to pick a smaller number of images.

How long does it take you to edit the photos after I make my selections?

Usually it will only take me a day or two to get them edited and sent to you. If you need them ASAP let me know and I will get them out even quicker.

Can we travel outside of LA?

Yes.. although there maybe be an additional fee. We can discuss details!

Do you require a photo credit when I post the photos on instagram/social?

I dont require it, but its much appreciated. Most bloggers credit their photographers.

How do I pay you?

I accept cash, check, venmo, paypal, or even credit cards through square. Whatever is convenient for you! :)

How long can we shoot for? Is there a time limit?

Generally I don't like to put time constraints on a shoot.. I want you to feel relaxed and not rushed. To shoot one outfit should take 10-15 minutes.. then of course theres time to needed change and move to another location. We will shoot until we've got the shot(s)!

Do you know good locations to shoot?

Yes! Venice, DTLA, West Hollywood, Malibu, South Bay.. so many great places to shoot in LA!

Where do you live?

Venice - which is a good place to shoot! I can drive anywhere in LA too.

Please use the form below to get in touch! Or email me at moxsum@gmail.com

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